CNC Milling And Turning

Application Description

CNC machining continues to evolve and push todays manufacturing. With material changes and increased productivity needs, finding the right product for your application is paramount. Employee health and safety should also be at the top of your list when choosing a product. Our fluids never contain DCHA, known carcinogens, and are low VOC.

Product Highlight

The Trinity Cool 730 series is our newest high performance semi-synthetic. These products are designed for todays materials, high pressure systems, and long sump life without the use of harmful fluid preservatives. 730 seires offers a 3% cast iron chip test, non staining to alumium, excellent tramp oil rejection, high pressure system friendly, and long sump life.

The 6000 series is a great choice for synthetic coolants. These products have been developed to provide supreme cooling characterisitcs, low foam, and excellent corrosion control. These fluids are virtually clear in water, do not require a complicated water system, and are stable in long term use.