Deep Hole Drilling, Trepanning, Gun Drilling

Application Description

Deep hole drilling is defined by the depth of hole cut to diameter of the hole. Usually, any rate higher than 10:1 is considered to be a deep hole. BTA, trepanning, and gundrilling can all fall within deep hole drilling paramters. These operations require a high amount of boundary film lubricity, non tacky fluids, and lubricants that can withstand extreme pressures. Our products are designed to cover a wide variety of materials, from aluminum to titanium.

Product Highlight

Aladdin 334 is our flagship product. 334 was developed specifically to help our customers acheive impeccable part finish, increase tool life, and exceed operators expectations. This light bodied fluid allows for easy flow and flushing allow chips to easily form and be flushed down the center tube. This also acheives quick coolant flow to the point of cut and a robust boundary film on wear pads. Aladdin 300 has been used to gundrill holes as small as .009″ for medical devices. This product can be used in small sumps, high turnover rate, and high pressure coolant systems with no foam. 300 is designed to meet todays tough material machinablity standards.

Deep Hole Drilling Case History

Customer: Global Steel Manufacturer and Material Processor located in TX

Gates EL Product: Aladdin 334Gates EL

Product Performance: Aladdin 334 exceeded all tool life expectations across all materials, ranging from 50-200% tool life increase while also increasing processing speeds by up to 10x. Part finish was critical, Aladdin 334 was able to improve part finish across the board.

Typical Materials & Specifications: 40’ x 6” solid bars. 4140, stainless, chrome, and other nickel alloys. BTA/ drilling a 2” hole on average over 40’.

Replaced: A dark, sulfurized, and chlorinated paraffin cutting oil manufactured in the USA by a leading metalworking fluid supplier.

Competitive Product Issues: Odor, smoke during machining, unacceptable part finish, and poor tool life.