Industrial Lubricants Rust Preventative

Application Description

Our industrial lubricants are used in many different fluid power systems across many industries. Each fluid is designed to meet most machine tool lubricant required specifications. Please contact your sales representative for more information on required specificiations.

Product Highlight

Corrosion happens in many different environments, from in process, shipping, and storage. DWRP 360 is designed for short term protection. THis product completely repels water from ferrous surfaces and creates a unperceivable film to protect the part. DWRP 360 may be used in dip and spray applications

Aladdin RP 1080 is designed for long term storage and harsh environment protection. This product will exceed 900 hours in a salt spray test and still remain soft and easy to remove from any surface it is applied to.

Rust Preventative Case History

Customer: Leading CNC Machine Tool Builder in the USA

Gates EL Product: Aladdin RP 1080HA

Gates EL Product Performance: Aladdin RP 1080HA has been applied for over 5 years on over 30,000 machines tools without a rust claim. The product is easily removed with a rag or light duty cleaner. Aladdin RP 1080HA has low VOCs due to not containing any solvents.

Typical Materials & Specifications: Unfinished, coated, or painted surfaces on the interior of a CNC machine tool. Guarded assembly areas behind the spindle and under carriage of machine.

Replaced: High VOC rust preventative film manufactured in the USA by a leading metalworking fluid supplier.

Competitive Product Issues: Cleanability, VOC limits, competitive material sliding off vertical surfaces and generating rust spots.