Gear Oils

Gear Oils

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Our gear oils are blended from high purity base oils and fortified with extreme pressure additives. These oils are designed to prolong the life of your gear boxes by providing protection from high loads, which can cause peening and metal fatigue. Our gear oils perform above the standard commodity grade of our competitors’ gear oils. Furthermore, our gear oil is able to quickly  separate condensation and other water contaminants commonly found inside of the gear case, which even further improves performance. Our gear oils meets or exceeds the following equipment specifications:

  • U.S. Steel 224
  • AGMA 9005-E02
  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • David Brown S1.53.101
  • Fives Cincinnati EP Gear Oils
  • ISO 12925-1 CKC/CKD
  • SEB 181 226

Applications of our Gear Oils

  • Enclosed Industrial Gear Drivers That May Encounter Heavy Loads, Shock, or Intermittent Maximum Loads
  • Enclosed Gear Boxes Where the Manufacturer Requires an AGMA EP Lubricant, Such as Spur, Helical, Bevel, Herringbone, & Planetary Gears
  • Roller Bearings That Are Heavily Loaded

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