Electrical Discharge Machining Fluid

Our EDM fluid is a Group II base stock with anti-oxidation and corrosion inhibitors for use in plunge and wire applications. It has a strong resistance to oxidation that is able to provide a long sump life of clear and clean fluids.

Think such an impressive industrial fluid is going to cost too much? The team at our manufacturing company understands just how important EDM fluid is in your day-to-day operations. That is why we make sure that our products remain very competitively priced so you can purchase with confidence when you buy your electro discharge machining fluid from us. Some of the other benefits of this impressive industrial fluid include:

  • Extended Fluid Life
  • Water White – Easily View the Work Piece
  • Drains Quickly from the Part – Features Low Carry Off & Easy Cleaning
  • Available in Odorless or Vanilla Scented Options
  • Low Viscosity Allows Particulates to Fall from the Work Zone Quickly to Improve Surface Finish
  • Reduces DC Arcing
  • Clear – Not Dyed

Contact us for more information about the industrial lubricants and fluids we have available. We proudly manufacture our products in Texas and serve our customers globally.