Are you looking to minimize the amount of lubricants consumed during your manufacturing process? Utilizing MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) may be a solution for you. The minimum quality lubrication from Gates Engineered Lubricants reduces the environmental impact of your manufacturing by significantly reducing the amount of industrial fluid you use. It also helps to eliminate the need for coolant treatment and disposal, which also helps you save money and diminish your carbon footprint.

Our MQL products are made from a highly-fortified, biodegradable base oil that is derived from renewable resources. This makes it the right solution for your environmentally-conscious needs.

Superior Results with Less Waste

The extreme pressure additives of our MQL fluid bond to the metal surfaces of your equipment for superior friction reduction. It also helps to create anti-welding characteristics at the point of the cut.

Furthermore, our MQL fluid offers a low risk of airborne mist irritation and is not a skin sensitizer, which means it not only functions exceptionally, but it doesn’t pose a risk to the individuals applying it to your equipment. Some of the other benefits that come with using our minimum quality lubrication products include:

  • Minimizes Environmental Impact
  • Provides Excellent Lubricity & Welding Properties
  • Low Usage to Minimize Carry-Off on Parts & Chips
  • Provides Excellent Anti-Welding Characteristics
  • Chlorine-Free – Minimizes Disposal Costs
  • High-Pressure Friendly
  • Medical & Aerospace Compatible
  • Perfect for MQL Saw Systems (including NISHIJIMAX & TSUNE)

Contact us for more information about the industrial lubricants and fluids we have available. We proudly manufacture our products in Texas and serve our customers globally.