Soluble Oil

Soluble Oil

Gates Engineered Lubricants is your source for soluble oil in Houston, TX. Water soluble coolant and soluble oils are typically capable of serving most machining operations and metals. How are they able to do that? It is because these industrial fluids contain a high amount of oil in their concentrate – usually more than 50%. This allows you, the customer, the ability to find the performance requirements you are after at lower concentration uses.

Our flagship soluble oil, known as Aladdin 3300, with technology that incorporates heavy-duty extreme-pressure additives that are suited for the most difficult of operations. This product has only been improved upon over the past decade. This helps us to achieve our goal of delivering maximum value to all of our customers.

The Right Soluble Oil for the Job

Aladdin 3300 is a heavy-duty, extreme-pressure, emulsion-type water soluble coolant that is suited to handle even the most difficult of operations. That makes it one of the most preferred lubricants for individuals in the broaching, tapping, forming, or stamping industries. When our clients use our impressive soluble oil products they know they are going to receive great flexibility with its applications. This flexibility comes from the extremely high anti-weld additive level of our industrial fluid.

A truly unique, high-technology coolant, Aladdin 3300 is designed to consistently deliver maximum performance to our clients. Featuring a special biocide package, this state-of-the-art water soluble coolant provides maximum tank life to our clients. Furthermore, this product has a reputation for its very good emulsion stability in all waters as well as its outstanding extreme-pressure characteristics and good operator acceptance.

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