Solution Synthetics

Solution Synthetics

All of our solution synthetics are made of fully water-soluble components and do not contain any oil or emulsifiers. This creates a clear, stable solution when diluted into water. These products are designed to fully reject tramp oil – keeping your machine, tools, and parts extremely clean. In most cases, solution synthetics are used where cooling is the primary function required of the metal working fluid. However, we also offer synthetics that can provide excellent lubricity properties for difficult-to-machine materials while still providing all of the necessary cooling characteristics.

Our 6000 series is great with general purpose machining, grinding, glass grinding, gun drilling, milling, turning, and sawing.

The Syn-Tube series is designed specifically for tube mills. Our team is ready to work with the mill to determine the correct balance of detergency, lubricity, and grease compatibility to ensure we provide the unique needs of each specific mills.

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