Rust Inhibitors

Rust Inhibitors

Protecting metal surfaces before, during, and after your manufacturing process is critical to your success. Our products are used globally to protect ferrous materials from corrosion. Whether you are shipping products overseas and need salt spray protection, building machine tools with unpainted surfaces that need protection, or need an in process protection, we have the technology to keep your product protected.

Our Metalworking Line:

  • Spray
  • Dip
  • Brush
  • Wash / Flood

Examples of our Available Products

The Aladdin DWRP360 is a solvent-dispersed, all-purpose rust inhibitor formulated to displace water and provide excellent protection against both rust as well as oxidation. DWRP360 provides impressive protection against fingerprints, dissimilar metals, and contact corrosion from dunnage and shipping wrappers. It also dries to the touch within just 30 minutes while leaving a non-oily, slightly-detectable film over your equipment. This film does not interfere with typical gauging and inspection – it only protects. This corrosion inhibitor should be removed before coating, painting, or plating with an alkaline cleaner or aromatic solvent.

The Aladdin RP1080 is an oil-dispersed, thixotropic, all-purpose rust inhibitor that is formulated to provide the protection you want against oxidation and rust. Thanks to its thixotropic characteristics, strong>RP1080 has the ability to become fluid with agitation. This enables the residual film to begin a self-healing process that extends the lifespan of the corrosion inhibitor. This industrial strength film has protected ferrous and nonferrous parts for up to five years in indoor storage and for 2-3 years when stored outdoors under certain conditions. We recommend tests are conducted for your specific application.

This rust inhibitor can be sprayed or brushed for even coating on all of your surfaces. Once on the surface of the part, RP1080 becomes semi-solid. This reduces dripping and runoff. Additionally, this product does not harden over time. It will be just as easy to remove as it was applied. No heavy solvents or harsh degreasers needed.

Contact us for more information about the industrial lubricants and fluids we have available. We proudly manufacture our products in Texas and serve our customers globally.

  1. IMG_3707 DWRP 360 Demo video

DWRP 360 water displacing performance demo.