Tapping, Threading, MQL

Application Description

Threads are generated in virtually every industry. They can be gernerated on standalone thread systems such as tapping machines, Landis threaders, and thread roll formers. Tapping can be one of the most diffuclt applications to overcome with lubrication. All of these applications require extreme boundary film, high pressure, and superior cooling characteristics.

Product Highlight

Aladdin 311 was developed specifically to run in Landis style threading machines. Whether they are thread rollers, stationary or rotating heads, Aladdin 311 is the perfect choice to acheive consistancy and impeccible part finish. All of our oils are clear, low odor, and free of chlorine and animal fats. This provides a safe and clean work environment for operators and an easy to see workpiece.

Threading Tapping Case History

Customer: A premier fastener manufacturer in the South East USA

Gates EL Product: Aladdin 346P

Gates EL Product Performance: Aladdin 346P replaced the competition at a lower per gallon price, eliminated all smoke / mist issues, odor was no longer objectionable, and parts were left without a noticeable residue. Tool life remained the same without the use of chlorinated paraffin or animal fats.

Typical Materials & Specifications: 300 & 400 series Stainless Steel. Up to 4” blanks hot forged and threaded on site. Heavy hex bolts, blind holes.Replaced:A dark, sulfurized, and chlorinated paraffin cutting oil manufactured in the USA by a leading metalworking fluid supplier.

Competitive Product Issues: Odor, smoke during machining, heave residues left on parts proved difficult to remove.